Monday, July 26, 2010

Phrase books, guide books, text books... and more books!

It's a good thing I love books, right?

I am up to my ears right now in reading material. My book of choice at the moment is the Blue Guide, Tuscany. Close runners-up are Fodor's travel guide to Italy and this nifty little slang phrase book called Dirty Italian that I borrowed from a friend. I figure less, shall we say, conventional terms are also important to know. Even if I never use them, learning them is quite fun.

So now my phrase list consists of:

"Buongiorno, mi chiamo Kate" (Hello, my name is Kate)
"Piacere" (A pleasure)
"Molto lieto!" (Delighted!) well as (some of the cleaner ones from the book)...

"Devo andare in bagno." (I need to use the bathroom.)
"Tu sei un frana!" (You are a loser!)
"Sta zitto!" (Shut up!)

This list will be updated in the next entry.



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