Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sweater search...

I talked to my mom on Skype last night. I miss her.

Anyway, she caught on that I was congested and sounded sick (it's been cold and wet here, and I don't think they have the heat on yet), and so she told me to go buy myself a sweater. So this morning was devoted to that mission.

Now, I'm not crazy about shopping. And I have problems buying things that aren't used. I'm so used to shopping at thrift stores that now, when thrift stores aren't available to me, I find it extremely difficult to spend money on clothes even if I need them. If they're inexpensive, they're probably cheaply made and won't hold up. It they're good quality, they probably cost more than I want to spend. And crowded cramped stores aren't really my ideal hangout.

Not to mention the fact that every garment sold in Italy seems to be either grey, black, brown, or navy... neutrals + this weather = depressing as all depressing.

But, I overcame this dread of shopping for a sweater, and walked into the center this morning with the hope of finding one. And I did. It's gray, and though I've found neutrals depressing as of late, I told myself it was ok because it would go with everything else I own.

Sadly, I think it was the hood with the fuzzy interior that won me over...

So now I have a sweater. And now I need to work on my midterm for Celebrating the City. I'm almost finished. Why is Orsanmichele a building unique to Florence? Two pages. GO! Actually, I have about a page and a half on that topic already. Go me. I guess my homework situation is in better shape than I thought.

(If you're curious, Orsanmichele is the old grain market of Florence, which is now both a church and a museum. It is unique to Florence because it has statues on the outside made by many different famous Florentine artists... actually, the originals are upstairs in the museum... and each statue represents a different Florentine guild.)

I can make it through this homework... I will prevail. I will win!



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