Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Moving Day!

Today, we're moving in with host families.

Honestly, I'm nervous.

What if the woman I'm staying with doesn't speak any English? My Italian is, of course, quite limited...

"Buona sera, mi chiamo Kate. Sono studentessa Americana, e sono di Wichita, Kansas. Piacere!"

Okay, I can pretty much introduce myself. I can ask for things, say thank you, you're welcome, and count to 100. That's a lot for only three days of class, but not nearly enough to start conversing with a native speaker. I hope she knows at least a little bit of English, so we can communicate better.

I have 35 minutes before I have to take all of my bags down to the Linguaviva entrance and find Rachel, who will be my roommate for the next three months. Then we take a taxi to where we will be living.

I've been looking forward to this forever, but honestly right now I'm terribly anxious.

I don't know when I'll be able to get online again, so... arrividerci for now!


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  1. I have no roommate. And even though my family speaks English, it's very Britainized English with heavy accents. And it's still not bad.